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Bomboozle now available for the iPhone!

2008-11-27 12:00:23 by Megadev

Alright Newgrounders,

It's a little tricky not to seem like a cheap huckster when you post with news like this, but we hope it offends no-one's sensibilities :)

Right then! We're chuffed to let all you folks know that an iPhone version of our very first title, Bomboozle, is now up on the iTunes app store. We've put together a new site for it, which you can see here:

And if you feel so inclined, here is the iTunes link...

Bomboozle iPhone in App Store-o-vision!.

Us three fools have been lucky to have a decent run with Bomboozle Flash, and luckier still to win the daily 3rd place on Newgrounds, so we thought it logical to give the lovely shiny iPhone platform a go. After enlisting the help of another talented coding refugee, and a packed three months later, we have it...


The Megadev team

Bomboozle now available for the iPhone!


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2008-11-27 14:58:12

Cool. xD If I had an iPhone, I would get that. But alas, I don't have one. =/ But still, cool.


2008-11-27 15:15:46

That addicting game combined with touch-sceen technology would go together well, of course. Until I have an opportunity to try that out, which might never come, there's still the original in Flash!


2008-11-27 15:19:33

pretty neat


2008-11-27 17:47:12

Pretty kick ass, I'll buy it if I get an iPhone.
Hey just out of curiosity, what plaftorm or programs were used to turn it into an iPhone game ?
I don't think its Flash (coding wise) but if it is, that'd be kickass to make Flash games for iPhones !

Megadev responds:

Cheers! The game was actually programmed in Objective C - not the friendliest language to learn by any means. It's strange that Flash doesn't work on the iPhone; I'm wondering if they've done that deliberately to encourage more sales via their App Store? Anyway, thanks for your comments, and good luck in your quest of iPhone ownership!



2008-11-27 18:26:09



2008-11-27 18:57:35

Hey, i loved the flash version, but will it work for iPod Touch and is it free??=D


2008-11-27 19:25:03

I remember playing bomboozle on whirled, lots of fun :P


2008-11-28 09:11:14 =126572
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2008-11-28 12:30:42



2008-11-28 14:40:10

Good job, mates!
If I ever get an iphone or itouch I shall pick that up...


2008-11-28 16:39:21

Nice work!

And yes, they are not allowing Flash to work on the iPhone intentionally (or so a news story said), in order to maximise sales of games and stuff for the iPhone.

Pity, I would love a chance to make an iPhone app with Flash (even if it's just to give to my friends).


2008-11-30 16:19:32

I love your Guitar Geek, :p its definatly on of the best games on Newgrounds
Nice work Megadev Team


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