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Knightfall 3: Death and Taxes

Posted by Megadev - September 24th, 2010

It's been many months in development, but our third installment in the popular Knightfall series has finally been released! The game was always intended to appear on the iPhone, but it was only with Namco's intervention that it became a possibility. The PC downloadable version stays true to its Flash routes being written purely in AS3, and there is also a Flash demo of the first island available. Anyway, I won't bore you any further, but if you'd like to check out the demo and give us some feedback, then here's the link:


Thanks for listening and for your support!

The Megadev team

Knightfall 3: Death and Taxes

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Holy Sh!t that game looks really, REALLY promising And Namco? :D Nice, oh and how many months did it take?

Thanks! :-) I think we started in September *2009*, so it was close to a year of development - way more than our original target of about four months! We got a bit carried away with the design and put in way more content than we probably needed to; I'd say it's something like two or three times the size of Knightfall 2, and that wasn't a short game. Still, we're really happy with the end result, and it's a signifcant improvement over the previous game. I can't see us making a sequel for a very long time though, if at all, but we wouldn't rule it out completely. :-)

Working with Namco was a dream come true for us, especially myself as I grew up playing Pac Man, Xevious and Galaxian in the arcades when I was a mere 6 year-old! With any luck we'll get to work with them again. :-) Anyway, thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy the game!

Nice one,


That's awesome !
Was it tough getting Namco to publish it ?

Not really, no - we were lucky enough to have Namco approach us out of the blue! It was a real surprise, but we were of course very excited, and honoured. They were great to work with and very professional throughout the game's development; we certainly learnt a great deal which will prove invaluable in the future.



it amazing but i kinda hate that you make it free and its costs money to buy more levels, it would be nice if you (or they im not sure if you are control of this situation) could just make it cost 2 dollars and include all the levels

Sorry, but yes, Namco set the pricing for the game - a lot of time, effort and man hours both here and at Namco went in to making the game, so we have to charge a reasonable amount just to hopefully cover the development costs. I'm not sure how much the PC version is but that might work out cheaper, although there's a huge amount of content for the money no matter which version you play. :-)



I know that you put a whole bunch of work into this and I read your reply to the previous comment but couldnt at least one mode be free? And if not well you guys will still be awesome.

The link to the full version doesn't work, it leads to a 404 error for me. Is there another way to get the full version? I really like what I've seen of the demo and would like to buy the full version.