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House Of Dead Ninjas!

2011-01-07 15:12:12 by Megadev

Hello Megadev fans!

Yes, it's Friday! And what better to do on a Friday than play our braaaand new game? Yessir, it's called House of Dead Ninjas, and is published by Adult Swim. It's a randomly generated action plaformer, has super-duper retro visuals and a near 6-minute behemoth of an ingame tune! Click the link, why don't you: ad-ninjas-action-online-game.html

We're hoping to bring it to Newgrounds in the near future complete with medals, but until then feel free to practice as much as you like! Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the game.



House Of Dead Ninjas!


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2011-03-02 21:36:11

Cool! I love your games Megadev! :)


2011-03-02 21:37:49

Are you going to put it up on Newgrounds? If so, please make it have medals!